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Rockwell Center Nepo Angeles

Since the successful venture in Pampanga in 2021 of Rockwell Land with the Nepomucenos through Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles, this meticulously planned community continues to expand as an iconic & pioneering development in the heart of Central Luzon. With The Manansala painting the first strokes to our canvas up north, we are thrilled to welcome our newest...

Real Estate Appraiser Fee in The Philippines

Real Estate Appraisers (REA) are real estate service professionals that can help determine the value of your property. They are registered with Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) just like Engineers, Nurses, Doctors etc. They make Appraisal Reports for clients that need it for purposes such as but not limited to: Selling/ Buying, Insurance, Accounting, Litigation/Court/Expropriation, BIR and SEC...

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